The future of crowd analytics

Managing crowds? It’s never easy. But thanks to CrowdScan you’ll become more efficient at it. Our accurate, real-time, privacy by design and unique sensor technology provides you with all the data, analytics and insights you need. Get organised, get Crowdscan.

    Better insights...

    Our patented sensor technology measures crowd density and movements in busy city centers, shopping streets, or at events.

    for better-founded decisions...

    Thanks to the highly accurate data we offer 24/7 on our dashboards, you can make smarter decisions and finetune your policies where needed.

    and improved organisational efficiency

    The better you know exactly how many people are present in a certain area within specific time frames, the easier you can optimise your organisational flow and create the best experience for your visitor.

    Smart cities use data and algorithms to rethink, improve and evaluate policies and politics. CrowdScan provides accurate, reliable and privacy-friendly data and analytics to help these cities achieve their goals.

    Smart cities

    What makes CrowdScan unique?

    CrowdScan’s measuring technique is quite unique. It’s based on a wireless sensor technology that uses low-energy radio waves - meaning: no camera images or mobile data involved. We’re frontrunner in measuring crowds in smart cities, on public transportation or at events no matter how big or small.

    Privacy by design

    Because we use signal strength of an ad-hoc synchronised sensor network instead of connecting to mobile devices or taking pictures of individuals to gather data, CrowdScan provides a unique and privacy non-intrusive way of analyzing crowds.

    Open data

    Since the privacy of individuals is constantly respected and protected our data can be integrated with other smart city technologies or publicly available datasets.

    Accurate and reliable

    Our technology is 95% in predicting crowds compared to other measuring techniques. It’s also very stable in terms of coverage and works perfectly in any kind of environment as well as under poor weather conditions.


    Our wireless sensor network provides a new measurement every 50 msec. This ultrafast gathering of real-time data and analytics allows our clients to make equally swift decisions and adjustments.

    We were searching for a non-intrusive technology to count our visitors in our shopping streets in Ghent. Due to the covid pandemic this need only increased. Crowdscan made it possible for us to monitor our shoppers on a real-time base.

    Sofie Bracke - Deputy Mayor of Ghent for Economy and Digitalization

    About us

    As a spin-off of Imec and the University of Antwerp, CrowdScan has developed a solution for measuring and analyzing crowd density in real-time using a wireless sensor network. We also provide crowd density prediction services and integrated crowd management solutions. CrowdScan’s technology is based on six years of research at the University of Antwerp and Imec.

    ID lab
    Universiteit Antwerpen

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