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CrowdScan provides a wireless crowd density system that predicts size and density of large crowds to monitor the capacity in terms of humans per m². Our measurement methodology does not make use of camera images and operates entirely in a device-free manner in which the influence of the physical presence of human individuals on radio frequency signals in the environment is used to derive crowd size information for safety and smart mobility use cases. We differentiate in 6 different aspects to traditional crowd management systems:
Compared to a bracelet scanning system, we can predict crowd sizes with 95%.
Our wireless sensor network provides a new measurement every 150ms.
Our technology provides a privacy non-instrusive way of measuring crowds without making any connection to a particular device that users would carry or taking any pictures of individuals.
Open data
Due to the privacy non intrusive characteristic of our solution can this data be integrated with publicly available datasets.
Regional analysis
An intuïtive crowd density map of diiferent sub-regions is processed real-time.

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Battery lifetime (Years)
milliseconds between measurements

About us

CrowdScan, a spin-off from imec and the University of Antwerp, has developed a system that measures the density of a crowd in real-time using a wireless sensor network. Based on six years of research at the University of Antwerp and imec, We developed a system to measure crowd densities without using camera images, mobile phone data or other privacy-sensitive information. The technology was validated at different large-scale events such as Tomorrowland. When the coronavirus crisis broke out, We immediately realized the added value of the technology for helping society adapt to the new needs of social distancing.
Flexibility is the key to stability
Details matters
Teamwork makes the dream work
Ben Bellekens
Ben Bellekens


co-founder ben.bellekens@crowdscan.be

    Anton Dierickx
    Anton Dierickx

    Crowd Expert

    co-founder anton.dierickx@crowdscan.be

      Maarten Weyn
      Maarten Weyn

      Technology Lead

      co-founder maarten.weyn@crowdscan.be

        Stijn Denis
        Stijn Denis

        Research Lead

        co-founder stijn.denis@crowdscan.be

          Satish Singh
          Satish Singh

          Research engineer


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