Smart cities

Smart cities use data and algorithms to rethink, improve and evaluate policies and politics. CrowdScan provides accurate, reliable and privacy-friendly data and analytics to help these cities achieve their goals.

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    How crowd analytics can improve your city

    By measuring crowd density and movement within certain areas in real-time we can:

      Improve public transport in your city

      Our cities are more often than not in absolute chaos when it comes to public transportation. With the right data and analytics you’ll have all the insights you need to organise it more smoothly.

      Improve crowd behaviour at public locations

      CrowdScan can measure the crowd density and movement in certain public places. This way you can adjust your measurements and services, like emptying garbage bins after rush hour, police can patrol busy areas and so on.

      Respond faster and better to incidents

      Accurate data on how a crowd comes together and moves can also help you to react more efficiently when incidents like an accident or a medical emergency occur. With our insights you can adjust safety policies or measurements in areas that are more crowded.

      Our way of working

      CrowdScan combines unique sensor technology and low-energy radio waves to count crowds in specific zones. Since we use neither mobile devices nor cameras our solution is 100% privacy-friendly and definitely complies with data protection regulation

        1. A thorough explanation and discussion of the use cases for the specific city. Checking those findings against the data needs and the info that already exists. The result is a detailed project description.

        2. Realization of the project description which includes the installation, the data capture, the visualisation of the data and specific training.

        3. Periodic evaluation with the city involved regarding the interpretation, use and visualisation of the data and its conclusions.

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