CrowdScan accurately measures and analyses crowds in real-time, while respecting all privacy rules. CrowdScan helps you take swift, calculated decisions in crowd management to ensure an optimal flow and maximum safety.

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    Crowding is a common phenomenon observed during major events such as concerts, festivals, sports, games, and entertainment. There is a potential risk to public safety during such large scale gatherings

    Accurate, privacy friendly and realtime monitoring of crowds at your event will enable you to detect and react to overcrowding issues at an early stage. This will also help you to assess how effective your crowd safety precautions are

    Realtime crowd data will also allow for optimized organizational flow and dynamic staff allocation. Combined with other data (such as weather or public transport data) CrowdScan technology can offer you all the (predictive) insights for a safe and efficient managed event.

      How can crowd analytics improve your event?

      By measuring ...

        Improve crowdsafety at your event

        CrowdScan helps you monitoring the overall number of people, the distribution of people and identifying potential crowd problems.

        With respect for everyone’s privacy

        Because we don t use like cameras nor track smartphones, CrowdScan is completely privacy friendly.

        The most innovative crowd measurement method

        CrowdScan is the first and only company to use sensors and radio frequencies to measure crowd density.

        Better event management

        Our technology is made by professionals for professionals so everything you need to ensure a safe event is at hand.

        Our way of working

        CrowdScan combines unique sensor technology and low-energy radio waves to count crowds in specific zones. Since we use neither mobile devices nor cameras our solution is 100% privacy-friendly and definitely complies with data protection regulation

          1. A thorough explanation and discussion of the use cases for the specific city. Checking those findings against the data needs and the info that already exists. The result is a detailed project description.

          2. Realization of the project description which includes the installation, the data capture, the visualisation of the data and specific training.

          3. Periodic evaluation with the event organisation and emergency services involved regarding the interpretation, use and visualisation of the data and its conclusions.

          About us

          CrowdScan is a spin-off of Imec and the University of Antwerp that has developed a solution for measuring crowd density in real-time using a wireless sensor network. This technology is based on six years of research at the University of Antwerp and imec.

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