Working at CrowdScan

    CrowdScan is a fast growing startup with a unique technology that estimates the size of a human crowd without camera's, phones or smart devices. As we grow, we continuously learn new things and we make new friends.

    Since the beginning our top priority is to create a smart place where we can plan, program, have fun and meet each other physically and virtually.

    This place is like a home, our home, where the real magic happens. Currently, we are creating some extra spaces for new friends with unique skills.

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    Open positions

    At Crowdscan, we don't just innovate crowd analytics but also our own recruitment approach. Rather than a wordy vacancy, we use our own colleagues to explain you our open positions.

    Currently we are looking for:

    - Azure architect

    - Data scientist

      Azure architect - Ben

      Within Crowdscan, I take up the role of Azure Cloud Architect. I’m responsible for the entire technical architecture: the intake of the sensor data, the processing and analysis, up to the visualisation on the (customer) dashboard.

      When we started Crowdscan, we built the architecture from scratch, a mixture of own development and open source platforms. This works very well today, but it does not fit for the growth we foresee in the coming years.

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      Data Scientist - Stijn

      The first beginnings of Crowdscan go way back, to my PhD project and even before. People, by their physical presence, cause attenuations in radio signals. The more people, the stronger the attenuation. This is the basis of our solution to ‘scan the crowd’.


      Customer success manager - Anton

      A flexible mind and a hands-on attitude, these are important characteristics of our to-be customer success manager. In a fast growing start-up like CrowdScan, besides the project itself, there’s always some additional chaos to manage. Who knows our future customer success manager will help us to refine the structures of the company, together with the Project Management way of working.