WHITEPAPER: Preventing overcrowding in public spaces

In this whitepaper we discuss solutions that will allow you to estimate the evolution of population within the area of an event or public space in order to efficiently monitor crowds.


    Events like sports matches, concerts, music festivals, etc., attract huge crowds. Public safety is crucial at all times, especially during such events where people gather in large numbers.

    Efficient measures must have been taken to avoid situations like overcrowding and crowd crushes.

    In addition to the safety aspect, predicting the evolution of the crowds can make operations more efficient and gain insights into,for instance, consumer behavior.

    In this whitepaper you will find content on:

    • the importance of Fill and Empty Rates
    • a technology solution to predict overcrowding
    • a case of a fireworks show held on New Year's Eve
    • the advantages of predicting and preventing overcrowding