BLOG: Why CrowdScan is the most flexible solution to measure crowds at an airport or train/subway station

Are you looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution to measure crowds at your airport or your subway/bus station? Our innovative technology offers a range of benefits, making it an ideal choice for airport and railway operators who want to stay on top of passenger flow management.

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    • One of the key advantages of CrowdScan is that it is a cost-effective alternative to existing technologies. Using battery-powered sensors with a 3-year lifetime eliminates the need for cabling and other expensive infrastructure. This makes our system much more affordable and accessible to a wider range of operators.
    • Another advantage of CrowdScan is its ease of installation. Our sensors need to be mounted at a height of just 1.5 meters, and there is no need for a line of sight, which means that installation can be done in the most flexible way. Plus, with our flexible installation options, our technology can be easily adapted to suit the specific needs of your airport.

    • Accuracy is another important factor when it comes to crowd management. Our system boasts up to 95% accuracy, which means that you can rely on our data to make informed decisions about crowd management and resource allocation.

    • Real-time data is another key advantage of CrowdScan. With a measurement interpretation time of just 50 ms, you can quickly access and respond to changes in crowd levels throughout the airport or station. This makes it easy to respond quickly to any issues that may arise. In this way, the technology can be useful for smart buildings as well, especially when it comes to adjusting temperature and other environmental factors based on real-time crowd levels.
    • CrowdScan is also an ideal technology for creating a general heatmap of your entire airport. With our easy-to-install sensors, you can cover large areas and define smaller sub-regions as needed. And because our system is not affected by poor lighting conditions or reflections of for instance windows, you can be confident that you'll get accurate data no matter what time of day it is.

    • Integration is another key advantage of CrowdScan. Our technology is easy to integrate with any existing data platform, which means that you can quickly and easily incorporate our data into your existing systems and workflows.
    • Finally, privacy is a top priority for CrowdScan. Unlike other technologies that rely on mobile phones, cameras, Wi-Fi, or personal data, our system is completely privacy-friendly. This means that you can use our technology with confidence, knowing that you are not collecting any sensitive data or infringing on the privacy of your passengers.

    In conclusion, CrowdScan is an innovative and cost-effective solution for measuring crowds at your airport or station. With its easy installation, high accuracy, real-time data, and privacy-friendly approach, it's the ideal choice for airport and railway operators who want to stay on top of crowd management and provide a safe and secure environment for their visitors.

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