NEWS: Too crowded? These digital info kiosks automatically warn cyclists and step drivers

Two digital info kiosks have been popping up near and on Meir which is the busiest shopping street in Antwerp. When it is too busy for cycling or driving on a step, they automatically jump on and drivers are asked to proceed on foot.

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    In this way, the city authorities want to improve safety in Antwerp's busiest shopping street and guarantee a pleasant shopping experience. The city of Antwerp is the first city to tackle cycling in shopping areas at busy times using a Smart City application.

    Thanks to the privacy-friendly CrowdScan sensors busier moments are detected. When a specific threshold is met, a clear message appears on the digital panels of four square meters each.

    These should help change the behavior of cyclists and step drivers so that they continue their journey on foot.

    Alderman Koen Kennis: "Anyone who comes to shop in Antwerp should be able to do so in comfort. Earlier, we already limited the maximum speed of steps in places where it is busy, including here on the Meir. I also refer to the drop zones for scooters and bikes, so they can no longer be left everywhere. For the same reason, we ask cyclists to adapt to the crowds on the Meir. Those who still want to cycle can do so via the parallel streets."

    This project is a collaboration between the city of Antwerp and Thomas More Hogeschool. With support from the Flemish (VLAIO) and European government (ERDF).

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