NEWS: CrowdScan installs its unique sensors at Antwerp International Airport

CrowdScan installed its technology at Antwerp International Airport. In the coming months, our unique sensors will measure the number of passengers in the departure hall, in a privacy-friendly way.

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    Crowd analytics ensure efficient operations and increase safety. In airports and public transportation, smart technology can be used to measure passenger flows.

    The benefits of CrowdScan technology have already been proven several times in different European cities and at large-scale events, such as the US Open.

    "We know that it works in smart cities and at events," says CrowdScan COO, Anton Dierickx. "However, an airport is still something else. We are convinced that we can offer great added value for those environments. Thanks to Antwerp International Airport, we can prove that too."

    "Of course, this is not the largest airport, but we see this as a tech lab to further roll out our technology to larger players with whom we are already talking. We are grateful that our own regional airport is giving us this opportunity."

    Installing CrowdScan’s technology is simple. Only one point for power supply is needed for the gateway. The sensors can easily be attached with a few screws.

    How that works, Anton explains in the video.