NEW COLLEAGUE: Three questions for Kaumudi Singh

Data scientist Kaumudi Singh has just joined the CrowdScan team. Besides welcoming her, we asked her three short questions.

    Website post Kaumudi

    1. Why did you choose CrowdScan?

    Kaumudi: “Crowd analytics has become quite important in the recent years, especially with the contributions it can make to the field of public safety and security. While going through the work profile of Crowdscan, I realized that Crowdscan does exactly that.
    It counts the number of people in different locations which can then be used to better manage the crowd. The implications of being able to count the number of people in the crowd can be endless and that is what excited me the most.
    Incidentally, I have a background in localization where I too counted and located a variety of objects in an area of interest.
    So, working at Crowdscan not only gives me an opportunity to utilize my previous experience and learnings to make advancements in the field of crowd analytics and public safety, but it also allows me to learn from the various challenges.”

    2. What will be your main task?

    Kaumudi: “My main task will be to "make sense" of the data generated by our system. This will help in gathering insights and developing different applications for crowd analytics and management.”

    3. On what subject will you be working the upcoming months?

    Kaumudi: “For the next couple of months, I will be working on examining our system so that we can develop streamlined algorithms for estimating the crowd density and crowd movement.”