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VIDEO: Crowd safety expert Thakaidzwa Doran visits CrowdScan

Curaçao offers much more than sun, beaches, and beautiful coral reefs. Crowd safety expert Thakaidzwa Doran visited the CrowdScan headquarters to explore the possibilities of the technology for the many events taking place on the island.

    Anton Dierickx en Thakaidzwa Doran

    Thakaidzwa will spend the next few months investigating how our patented sensor technology can make a difference in the organization of the numerous events he organizes. Carnival is, among others, a popular festival in Curaçao.

    "My company, T Experience BV, is a leader in crowd management in Curaçao. I got to know CrowdScan through Professor Keith Still, the world expert in crowd management. He is a clear advocate of the technology," says Doran. "As an event organizer, it is incredibly important to be able to assess the risks in real time. This way, you can deploy your staff better and more efficiently to increase the safety of your event. I hope to establish a partnership with CrowdScan for Curaçao and later for the South American market."

    Anton Dierickx, COO of CrowdScan, says: "We have been working intensively over the past year to make our technology plug-and-play, so that it can be easily applied for a temporary event anywhere in the world. Organizers and technical partners can easily install the system without too much time and effort. We look forward to starting a great collaboration in Curaçao."

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