CASE: CrowdScan measures the crowds in the well-known shopping street Meir

In Antwerp, CrowdScan has been measuring the crowds in the Meir shopping area since the spring of 2022.

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    Smart cities use data and algorithms to rethink, improve and evaluate policy and politics. CrowdScan provides accurate insights into the crowds through patented sensor technology and does this in a privacy-friendly way.

    "Together with the customer we define a certain period and a specific zone to measure," says CrowdScan CEO Ben Bellekens. “In this case, it was decided to retrieve data from the area between Meirbrug and Wapper.”

    "Thanks to our measurements, our customers can make connections with other data sources. In this way, they can indefinitely link additional data such as meteo, mobility data, and spending behavior to our data."

    CrowdScan provides a visual and user-friendly reporting tool. Smart cities can always go one step further in their visualization. For that purpose, CrowdScan is partnering with the Belgian scale-up Their data platform maps different subzones and their respective heatmaps insightfully.

    “Smart cities have an incredible advantage with the innovative sensor technology from CrowdScan. Sensor data offer unique advantages to enhance a city’s safety and efficiency. At, we’re proud to collaborate and facilitate the translation of data into actionable insights and support the combination of multiple data sources”, says Lida Joly, CEO at