TRAM Barcelona chooses CrowdScan for measuring occupancy at their passenger platforms

TRAM Barcelona has chosen CrowdScan for a proof-of-concept project on the real-time measurement of platform occupancy. CrowdScan equipped two passenger platforms within the Barcelona tram network (TRAM). This makes TRAM the first railway operator to try out CrowdScan's privacy-friendly measurement method in such an area.

    The results were presented during the UITP Summit in Barcelona, a world-leading conference that brings together all stakeholders associated with public transport.

    TRAM operates two networks, TRAMBAIX and TRAMBESÒS, each catering to different traveler profiles, including commercial, educational, corporate, and residential zones. Certain areas within these networks experience high levels of crowding on specific days and during particular hours, directly impacting their reliability.

    To address this issue, TRAM sought a privacy-friendly technology that could provide both real-time and historical data on platform congestion. TRAM conducted a Proof of Concept at the TRAMBAIX network to monitor platform occupancy in real-time. TRAM selected two platforms: the platform at Maria Cristina and Hospital Sant Joan Despi to conduct the proof-of-concept.


      Enzo Castiglio Moreno, Head of Research at TRAM, stated: "This innovative solution provided by CrowdScan gives us a unique method to measure crowd density using wireless sensor technology that utilizes low-energy radio waves. This method can be applied to any type of area without the need for cameras, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or mobile devices."

      After the installation, a training process was conducted. CrowdScan has an app available where passengers on the platform can be manually counted, and the system learns from the data collected. This process is straightforward and does not require much time.

      Enzo further added: "Since the proof-of-concept was a success, we are ready to evaluate which stops in our network are going to be equipped. This will provide us tools to send real-time automated alerts to our users and dispose historical data to analyze the behavior of our passengers in order to offer them a better service.”

      Ben Bellekens, CEO of CrowdScan: "As a startup, we are extremely proud to conduct a proof-of-concept for a company like TRAM. We have once again demonstrated the effectiveness of our technology. We are gaining invaluable insights from these results. This project allows us to further enhance our technology and become a reference for privacy-friendly crowd measurements."

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