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CrowdScan provides a wireless crowd density system that predicts size and density of large crowds to monitor the capacity in terms of humans per m². Our measurement methodology does not make use of camera images and operates entirely in a device-free manner in which the influence of the physical presence of human individuals on radio frequency signals in the environment is used to derive crowd size information for safety and smart mobility use cases.

Our technology

We install our wireless sensors at the edges and/or inside of a large-scale environment and analyze the received signal strength (RSS) value differences between measurements taken in an unoccupied environment (calibration measurements) and live measurements during which crowds can be present. The average attenuation experienced by all communication links within the entire network when compared to the calibration measurements has proven to be a unique indicator to estimate the actual crowd size. A patent is currently pending.

The hardware part exists of wireless nodes, that will be deployed in a specific environment at an average waist height, and a gateway. Each node is battery powered and has a custom-made electronics board that can transmit and receive sub 1-GHz wireless signals according to specific firmware. This embedded software enables the sensor network to apply all measurements and to communicate with each other in a synchronized manner. The gateway on the other hand receives all messages and passes the result towards the software layer that can estimate the crowd densities, flows, and flux of the different areas. As a result of the real-time processing, the estimations are visualized in a graphical dashboard or can be integrated with other systems from customers or partners.

Previous use-case

Our system was deployed at Studay in collaboration with the city of Antwerp.

Our Services

We focus on:

Being privacy non-intrusive

Our technology provides a privacy non-instrusive way of measuring crowds without making any connection to a particular device that users would carry or taking any pictures of individuals.

Deliver real-time data

Our wireless sensor network provides a new measurement every 150ms.

Deliver high accuracy

Compared to a bracelet scanning system, we can predict crowd sizes with 95%.

Objective crowd management

Based on 6 years of research at the University of Antwerp and Imec, our technology was validated at different large-scale events such as Tomorrowland.

Regional Analysis

An intuïtive crowd density map of diiferent sub-regions is processed real-time.

“With this meter, we know exactly how many people are where, whether there are issues anywhere and we can see where people are moving to rapidly. So we can react rapidly in case an issue should appear.”


Our Markets


Based on our crowd analytics, public safety and accurate city marketing can be optimized with respect to the privacy of citizens.

Events & Festivals

Our crowd analytics indicates critical hotspots and optimizes personnel allocations by providing a real-time crowd density dashboard.


Situational awareness will be increased for large venues so that organisers and emergency services can be alerted in case of an anomaly.


Because of the accuracy and the large coverage that can be obtained with our technology, the location of an unwanted visitor or object at a specific locations can be detected.

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