Customer success manager, Anton

At Crowdscan, we don't just innovate crowd analytics but also our own recruitment approach. Rather than a wordy vacancy, we use our own colleagues to explain you our open positions.

Eager to know more about working as a customer success manager for us? Have a chat with Anton and find out if it's right for you!

    A flexible mind and a hands-on attitude, these are important characteristics of our to-be customer success manager. In a fast growing start-up like CrowdScan, besides the project itself, there’s always some additional chaos to manage. Who knows our future customer success manager will help us to refine the structures of the company, together with the Project Management way of working.

    A project is handed-over from sales to customer success once the contract has been signed. The entire practical plan is in his or her hands: the area’s to cover, the timings to respect, the elements the customer needs to foresee and the deliverables within CrowdScan. A real all-rounder with a lot of common sense, that’s the kind of person we need.

    To work at CrowdScan, it means that you shape the job yourself, that you want to grow with us, nationally and internationally. It means that you bring your punctuality and your project management experience with you, but equally important your assertiveness and commercial feeling. It means you’re the SPOC for the entire project, steering your colleagues and the customer to respect commitments and deadlines. And it also means that you keep your sales colleagues informed about the new opportunities you see along the way.

    Our solution may be based on sophisticated calculations, you don’t need in-depth technical or academic knowledge for the implementation of a customer project. We rather need a practical attitude and organisational skills, someone who steers with a gentle yet firm hand. Someone who addresses the support of the colleagues at the right time. But, this someone is not afraid to quickly adjust the position of a sensor to get the project started.

    We stand for a transparent and correct way of doing business, we want to build a long term relation with our customers. There’s a great freedom culture, but even more important, a culture of working together, of getting things done.

    Together we deliver the project. But thanks to your communication and steering, thanks to your guidance, we outperform expectations and we delight our customers.



        Autonomous work

        To bring value

        Let’s do this


        Diversity and openness


        Intrinsic motivation


        To complain without proposing a solution

        Limited minds

        Lack of ownership

        Customer success manager skills

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